Artistic writing:



Exhibited at the Graduation Show: Are We All in This Together? It is the 1st text in the art project "Hvordan man lytter til vandrørene" How to listen to the water pipes.


Performance text read out loud for the performance "Look Everywhere Else", English
The text is a first-person narration of a young white woman who speaks about her ambivalence feelings towards being looked at. She speaks to a "you" which could both be her best friend and her audience about her fantasies as an escapist and an exhibitionist. During the text, she is a yoga teacher, a YouTuber, a fashion model, and an alien and is discussing topics as normcore, negative space, paparazzi scarfs, makeup tutorials, and the advertising market in New York. It is all intertwined in this schizophrenic monolog as both a self-critique and self praises.

Dear. Let me try to explain. I don’t have the surplus of mental resources I need to produce a healthy lifestyle. Frequently I desire to retreat from the surface of this earth. I am confident that my role in this life is insignificant. Therefore I am determined to swift my position and, hopefully, the end result will be that I can become someone else entirely."

Curator writing:

Embroidery and Stinging Nettle Tea - Exhibition text made for the artist Ditte Marie Frost // Shown in FAA Project Room, Odense 2017